img 1On 15 May 2017 a project briefing event was organized in SUPRO Secretariat to disseminate the campaign focus and expected outcome of the project within the members of National Committee of SUPRO.The project was briefly narrated in the event. All the project activities and implementation strategy was shared in the meeting. Oxfam representatives, district campaigners under SUPRO district council members, national council members, SUPRO Secretariat staffs were participated in the project briefing meeting. Total participants were 24, among them 6 female and 18 male. The event was chaired by Mr. S.M. Harun Or Rashid Lal, SUPRO Chairperson. The inaugural speech was delivered by M A Quader, General Secretary of SUPRO. An action plan was developed through the opinion of the participants.


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SUPRO Action Areas Map

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