Lobby Meeting with Finance Minister of Bangladesh on National Budget 2009-10

As a part of the National Budget Campaign, SUPRO has an opportunity to take part in a lobby meeting with Finance Minister on National Budget 2009-10 on 26th June 2009 at Finance Ministry in Bangladesh. Lawrence Besra, Project Coordinator of Activist’s Capacity for Equity and Justice (ACEJ) has represented SUPRO at the lobby meeting with Finance Minister along the other representatives of civil society networks and NGOs.

This is a particular meeting of SUPRO with Finance Minister where the following demands and recommendations have been submitted:

  • The Finance Minister has given thanks for formulating district budget from the next year for which SUPRO has been campaigning for the last few years for proper representation of grass roots people like as poor farmers, marginalized and disadvantaged community of Bangladesh as well as budgetary formulation reformation process.
  • Bangladesh’s foreign debt needs to be cancelled without any conditions because the interest of foreign loan is outsourcing public money from essential services. And they should not be treated as development assistance.
  • The global development assistance should be increased and the government should play an important role in this regard.
  • To achieve food sovereignty, subsidies to farmers needs to be increased and transformation of arable to non-arable land needs to be stopped. It has to be ensured fair prices for farmers of their produces and in this regard farmer’s association should be formed and agricultural inputs have to be easily available to the farmers in time of need.
  • To reduce the distinctions of education between rural and urban areas, it has to be introduced uniformity of education system in Bangladesh.
  • In order to ensure accessibility of poor and marginalized people towards education and health facilities, Primary, Secondary Education and Health Sectors have to be excluded from Public-Private Partnership (PPP).
  • The Community Clinics should be reactivated and vacant positions of doctors and nurses should be filled immediately to ensure quality health services to rural people.
  • The production and supply of electricity should be at the hand of government for accessibility of poor and marginalized people.
  • The social safety net programs should be closely monitored by the government for actual benefits of rural poor people.
  • For women’s empowerment, their roles and responsibility should be clearly outlined and government should pay attention to rural disadvantaged women.
  • This year’s budget taka 700 crore has been allocated to cope with the impact of climate change and it has to be fully utilized through formulating strategic viewpoint to spend the money accordingly. The meeting was ended with vote of thanks on behalf of the representatives of civil society.
  • The meeting was ended with vote of thanks on behalf of the representatives of civil society networks and NGOs working in Bangladesh.


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