Education Rights must be declared as Fundamental Human Rights in Constitution

SUPRO observed the International Literacy Day on 8 September 2009 in front of National Museum, Shahbag, Dhaka with due respect and cultural manner. SUPRO organized human chain and cultural program to mark the day.
This year’s slogan of the day was “The Power of Literacy”. SUPRO came up with its own slogan according to its ongoing campaign and advocacy “Literacy induces Empowerment, ensure Human Rights”. Education activist, development and political activist, teachers, students, leaders and representatives of SUPRO Dhaka Campaign Group and people from all stake of life were present in human chain.

Various issue related slogans were chanted in human chain. Cultural teams rendered literacy related songs, which attract huge public gathering. Mass people also supported SUPRO’s demand to set up a ‘loko biddaloy’ (public school), to formulate action oriented policy and provide budgetary allocation to ensure 100% literacy for the people of Bangladesh by 2015.
Please find the press release, leaflet of the day in attached file.


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