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supro training and resource star center 1Sushasoner Jonny Procharavizan- SUPRO, the Campaign for Good Governance, since its establishment in 2000, has dedicated itself in defending the rights of the marginalised as a national leading network of more than 600 grassroots NGOs/CSOs and Citizen Actors in Bangladesh is striving for establishing economic, social and cultural rights of the poor and the marginalised communities of the country. As a part of its organizational sustainability, SUPRO established a training and resource centre, in short STAR as an income generation initiative,  is committed to offer best quality services to the valued partners &  clients through the following:

img 1(A) Training Organization and Facilitation Service

SUPRO has a decade long experience on advocacy, community research, facilitations of grassroots leadership, budget and economic governance and tax justice issue and facilitation on various events like conference, seminar etc. And SUPRO has an experienced and professional team. On the basis of these experience and resources SUPRO

STAR Center is offering training on the specific Area & Issues are as follows:

  • Advocacy, Campaign & Leadership
  • Budget Literacy & Budget Accountability
  • Networking & Partnership   
  • Social Accountability Tools
  • Tax and Fiscal Justice
  • Gender Mainstreaming  
  • Good Governance & Human Rights
  • Communication & Facilitation Skill
  • HIV/AIDS & Reproductive Health
  • Climate Justice
  • Project Cycle Management   

Moreover many more will be provided for potential client’s specific needs and requirement.

(B) Research & Evaluation

STAR will act as a resource center where a resource pool, consist of internal and external resource personnel, will actively involved to provide service of research and evaluation.

(C) Training & Conference Room

img 3img 2The training center is composed of three rooms: one big and two medium. The big one is decorated for training facilitation with a space of around 600 square feet, which is fully air-conditioned. This room can accommodate at least 25 participants in a theatre or round-table style. One medium room is for dining and another for group work.  

(D) Food & Snacks

Lunch and 2 times snacks will be provide for internal and external client on training/ conference/ seminar time or it will be delivered on order/ demand of the specific client.  

(E) Logistics, Equipment and Stationary

All kind of logistics and stationary service like Banner, Pen, Notebook, Bag, Folder, Office File, Flipchart, Poster Paper, VIPP Card, Paper etc will be provided as per client’s requirement.  In addition multimedia, photocopier and printer service, Laptop and Internet Service will also be available for client to rent.  

(F) Vehicle Service

Vehicle service will be provided as per your need.

  • Micro Car Service.
  • Rent-a -Car Service.
  • Pick up Service.


Description of ServicesRates in Taka
Training Room: 
Full day with AC 10,000/-
Half Day with AC 7,000/-
Full day with Non-AC 8,000/-
Half Day with Non-AC 5,000/-
Snacks and Refreshment:
Package-01: Singara/Samosa/Biscuit/Puri and Tea/Coffee 40 /-  per person
Package-02 : Sandwich/Cake/Pitha and Coffee 80/-  per person
Package-03 : Sandwich/Cake/Pitha, Fruits and Tea/ Coffee 115/-  per person
Lunch and Dinner:
Package-01 :  Plain Rice, Vorta, Vegetable , Dal, Fish, Salad, Cold Drinks 255/- per person
Package-02 : Plain Rice, Vegetable , Dal, Fish and Chicken, Salad, Cold Drinks/Curd 335/-  per person
Package-03 : Plain Rice, Vegetable, Dal, Fish & Mutton, Salad, Clod Drinks/Curd 370 /- per person
Package-04 : Polao/Bhuna Khichuri, Begun Fry/Vegetables, Fish Fry, Chicken Curry/Mutton Curry, Salad, Cold Drinks/Curd 400/- per person
Package-05 : Polao/Bhuna Khichuri, Begun Fry/Vegetables, Fish Fry, Chicken Curry, Mutton Curry, Salad, Cold Drinks/Curd 530/- per person
Stationary, Logistics and Equipments:
Multimedia 2,000/-  per day
Laptop 1,000/-  per day
Offset photocopy one side 3/-  per page
Offset photocopy both side 4/- per page
Printing (Offset) B/W 5/- per page
Pen as per clients’ need Market price
Note Book as per clients’ need Market price
Banner as per clients’ need 50/- per sqr. feet
Vehicle as per clients’ need Market price
Services Charge10% of total service value
VATAs per Govt. Rules

Special Note: The STAR center is also open to offer its services with negotiated and customized prices based on the client’s demands and affordability.

For Details Please Contact: booking form
01746260060 (Sharif)
01712130047 (Moazzem)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

STAR, 8/19 (Level-6), Sir Syed Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207. www.supro.org

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