Ensure Equal Access and Opportunities to Education, Training and Science and Technology for Women

Sushashoner Jonno Procharavizan (SUPRO) observed the International Women Day -2011 with full enthusiasm and great exertion through a Human Chain and Cultural Program wherever various like minded NGOs, Dhaka Campaign Group, Green Voice, Bangladesh Bhumihin Samity & Students Forum expressed their solidarity with us. Highlighting the theme of the Day ‘Equal Access to Education, Training and Science & Technology: Pathway to decent work for Women” all speakers came into the point that economic development, poverty reduction and children & family development, progressive state of the country certainly depends on women empowerment.

Women are still in inequality in access to education, training and science-technology. the speakers expressed gratefulness and thanks to the present government for undertaking some significant decisions especially on women’s issues like formulation of Women Policy, free cost education for women up to degree level, maternal & child health improvement initiative, credit facilities for women entrepreneurship and women’s replacement at national position of policy making.
Speakers also said it is a time for celebration because of the many gains won over a century to improve women’s lives. But it is also a time to renew commit to greater resistance because of the continuing and emergent obstacles to our full economic and political empowerment as women.

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SUPRO exclaimed to the Government during observing International Literacy Day 2010 to ensure 100% Literacy throughout the country by 2015. Upholding the the theme of the Day ‘The Power of Literacy; Literacy is Empowerment’ SUPRO organized a National Level Human Chain on September 2010 at 11:30 AM where SUPRORe with its central Campaign Groups and others like minded organizations attended. Near aboput 100 activists attended and made solidarity with the human chain. Speakers exclaimed to recognize education as fundamental rights to meet the Millennium Development Goal by 2015. Speakers also urged to increase the budgetory allocation especially for primary and adult literacy formulating relavant and effectice plan to achieve optimum results in the way to increase the literacy within the couintry.

Speakers recomended to develop effective sustainable implementing strategy and realistic planning mechanism for primary and non-formal primary education to ensure education for all reducing unexpected drop out. They strongly urged Government and policy makers for proper supervision and effective monitoring of education system to ensure education for all prohibiting all kinds of corruptions and leakages for the sector.
Representatives from SUPRO secratarite, SUPRO Campaign Groups with many others like minded organizations also made their solidarity at the Chain. Kamrunnessa Nazly, Mousumi Biswas, Alim-Al-Razy, Iftekhar Polash, Manoranjan Pegu, Sara Jaman and Kazi Safiqur Rahman from SUPRO secratariat, Firoza Begum, Unnoti Rani, Ferdous Ahmed and Bilkis Akter from Dhaka Campaign Group delivered their speeches at the Chain. The day also observed in 45 districts at the same time in the country through human chain, rally and cultural programs and SUPRO published a colourful poster, a leaflet and cap upholding the message and theme of the day.
The demands came from the Chain are as follows:

  • Recognize education as fundamental rights
  • Ensure education for all by 2015
  • Increase the budgetory allocation especially for primary and adult literacy
  • Develop effective sustainable implementing strategy and realistic planning mechanism for primary and non-formal primary education
  • Prohibit all kinds of corruptions and leakages from education sector.
  • Establish 1 community school especuially for adult litreacy
  • Reduce drop out from primary education and and ensure mid-day meal for the students
  • Increase the involvement of local government structures with primary and non-formal primary education
  • Stop all kinds of commercialization from education sector.
  • Strengthen governmental capcity, involvement and service provision through government and non-government partnership programme.

Health is my right: stop commercialization of health sector

World Health Day-SUPRO 7 April 2010, World Health Day. To observe the day Sushashoner Jonny Procharavizan-SUPRO organized various campaign activities in different 45 districts and in Dhaka. This year SUPRO’s theme and slogan on world health day was-Health is my right: Stop commercialization of health sector and enhance competence of the public health sector.

On the occasion Sushashoner Jonny Procharavizan-SUPRO organized a human chain in front of south plaza of national parliament building where about 250 participants from different like minded NGOs, Dhaka Campaign group, and students’ forum joined and expressed solidarity with the popular demands for ensuring health rights for all.
World Health Day-SUPRO The programme started with the speech by Mr. Shahidullah, Deputy Director of SUPRO when he spoke on the health rights situation of the country.Mousumi Biswas from SUPRO read out the demands of SUPRO. The demands included:

  • Ensuring immediate appointment of doctors and nurses in the vacant posts;
  • Ensuring specialized doctors-nurses in all health centers;
  • Ensuring special budgetary allocation for vulnerable and disaster-prone area;
  • Ensuring increased budgetary allocation in health sector (at least 5% of GDP);
  • Decentralizing the public health care system;
  • Enhancing competence of public health care system; and
  • Halting privatization and commercialization of health sector.




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