img 1Civil society organizations in Bangladesh observed Global Day of Action on SDGs marking the 3rd anniversary of the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the United Nations on 25 September in 2015. CSOs raised demands to the Government conducting `Stand Up for SDGs Programme'. on 25 September 2018 in front of Bangladesh National Parliament bhaban in Dhaka. The programme was organized by the national and local NGOs including SUPRO, VOICE, NRDS, SETU, Shodesh, SDS, YPSA through networking and partnership with CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE), Together 2030, Reality of Aid, Asian Development Alliance (ADA), NGO Forum on ADB and Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP). 

The civil society organizers and the activists including women rights activists stood in the avenue displaying banners and festoons raising the demands to realize the commitments given by the government to achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs). They demanded to ensure human rights for all, reduce the inequality between and amount rich and poor, men and female, urban and rural, ensure social rights and inclusive governance, ensure environmental sustainability, and ensure peoples’ right to education and health for all leaving no one behind to achieve SDGs. They also urged to the government to formulate an all inclusive National Committee including CSOs, private sectors, disadvantaged communities including youth and women. 

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img 1Healthcare expenditure keeps rising due to Commercialization at private hospitals

SUPRO has observed World Health Day 2017 in districts and in national level concurrently. The theme of World Health Day 2017 from World Health Organization is " Depression: Let’s Talk". At national level on the eve of World Health Day SUPRO has organized a press conference at Sagor-Runi Auditorium, Dhaka Reporters Unity, Dhaka on 6th April 2017where Vice Chairperson of SUPRO, Manju Rani Pramanik chaired the event. In her speech, Manju Rani Pramanik said that the government should take responsibility to ensure the health care needs for its citizens. “The government should take effective steps to recognize the health as fundamental rights,” she added. SUPRO General Secretary MA Quader moderated the session and presented the key note paper.
Dr Muhammad Abdul Mazid, former chairman of NBR and chief coordinator of Bangladesh Diabetic Samity was present there as a chief guest. He said that depression is the root cause of physical and mental illness. “The people who are suffering from depressive disorder may grow the tendency to be addicted to drugs and may develop suicidal tendency in them,” he added.

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img 1On 17 October 2016 Campaign for Good Governance (SUPRO) has organized a Human Chain Program alongside hundreds of groups globally to demand delegates/lawmakers/the global community take urgent action to protect the UN Climate Treaty meetings in Marrakech next month from fossil fuel industry interference.
The event is part of the October global days of action, Reclaim Power, in dozens of/more than 50 countries calling for a more just and sustainable energy system and for policymakers to end the undue influence and obstruction of climate policy by transnational fossil fuel corporations.
“The Paris Agreement swings the door wide open to interference from industries that want nothing else than to stop progress” said Md. Arifur Rahman, General Secretary of SUPRO, “If we are to keep warming below 1.5 degrees, we must first ensure Big Oil and it’s dirty drilling friends are not writing the rules.”
This action, DEMANDED, CALLED FOR, SUPPORTED, COUNTRY’S leaders to advance the movement within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to protect its negotiations from the influence of the fossil fuel industry and other dirty industries. Government leaders first raised the issue last May in Bonn, Germany.
“It’s now clearer than ever that the fossil fuel industry and those representing its interests have one goal: self-preservation,” said Tamar Lawrence-Samuel, climate organizer at Corporate Accountability International. “Big Polluters, like Big Tobacco before it, must be cast out of the policymaking process meant to rein it in.”

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