img 1Healthcare expenditure keeps rising due to Commercialization at private hospitals

SUPRO has observed World Health Day 2017 in districts and in national level concurrently. The theme of World Health Day 2017 from World Health Organization is " Depression: Let’s Talk". At national level on the eve of World Health Day SUPRO has organized a press conference at Sagor-Runi Auditorium, Dhaka Reporters Unity, Dhaka on 6th April 2017where Vice Chairperson of SUPRO, Manju Rani Pramanik chaired the event. In her speech, Manju Rani Pramanik said that the government should take responsibility to ensure the health care needs for its citizens. “The government should take effective steps to recognize the health as fundamental rights,” she added. SUPRO General Secretary MA Quader moderated the session and presented the key note paper.
Dr Muhammad Abdul Mazid, former chairman of NBR and chief coordinator of Bangladesh Diabetic Samity was present there as a chief guest. He said that depression is the root cause of physical and mental illness. “The people who are suffering from depressive disorder may grow the tendency to be addicted to drugs and may develop suicidal tendency in them,” he added.

img 2img 3He also pointed out that depression also causes cardiac problem and diabetes. DrMazid called upon the government to pay more attention for the improvement of mental health treatment all over the country.
Speakers at the press conference said the healthcare expenditure at private hospitals throughout the country has been on the rise due to commercialization of the private healthcare sector. Political parties of the country gave commitments to ensure healthcare for people free of cost, but such pledges are not entirely fulfilled, they said.
Representatives from different print and electronic media were took part at the press conference.

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