img 1On 17 October 2016 Campaign for Good Governance (SUPRO) has organized a Human Chain Program alongside hundreds of groups globally to demand delegates/lawmakers/the global community take urgent action to protect the UN Climate Treaty meetings in Marrakech next month from fossil fuel industry interference.
The event is part of the October global days of action, Reclaim Power, in dozens of/more than 50 countries calling for a more just and sustainable energy system and for policymakers to end the undue influence and obstruction of climate policy by transnational fossil fuel corporations.
“The Paris Agreement swings the door wide open to interference from industries that want nothing else than to stop progress” said Md. Arifur Rahman, General Secretary of SUPRO, “If we are to keep warming below 1.5 degrees, we must first ensure Big Oil and it’s dirty drilling friends are not writing the rules.”
This action, DEMANDED, CALLED FOR, SUPPORTED, COUNTRY’S leaders to advance the movement within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to protect its negotiations from the influence of the fossil fuel industry and other dirty industries. Government leaders first raised the issue last May in Bonn, Germany.
“It’s now clearer than ever that the fossil fuel industry and those representing its interests have one goal: self-preservation,” said Tamar Lawrence-Samuel, climate organizer at Corporate Accountability International. “Big Polluters, like Big Tobacco before it, must be cast out of the policymaking process meant to rein it in.”

Currently, the UNFCCC permits access to business groups like the US Chamber of Commerce, BusinessEurope, and the International Emissions Trading Association whose members include some of the largest fossil fuel corporations in the world, including ExxonMobil. Such groups could seek to delay, water down or redirect negotiations toward the interests of their members.

img 2img 3Yet, as negotiators pointed out at the last meeting of the UNFCCC, the treaty has no policy for addressing such conflicts of interest, leaving the entire process vulnerable to the lobbying might of fossil fuel interest groups. At those meetings, for the first time in UNFCCC history, countries representing nearly70 percent of the world’s population banded together in support of a policy to address conflicts of interest. 

This year, the UNFCCC meetings in Marrakech will run parallel to meetings of the World Health Organization’s Global Tobacco Treaty in India. That treaty, which came into force in 2005, cemented into international law provisions to protect international regulations from the interference of the very industry it regulates.

SUPRO has raised her demands in the Human Chain Program are:

  • Stop new Dirty Energy projects!
  • End public handouts to Dirty Energy! Divest from fossil fuels!
  • Stop Excessive Energy consumption by corporations and elites!
  • Ensure universal energy access for basic needs of peoples and communities!
  • Redirect funds and purse a swift and just transition to democratic, pro-poor, renewable and clean energy systems for people and communities
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