img 1Sushashoner Jonno Procharavizan (SUPRO) observed  World Health Day 2014 with full enthusiasm and great exertion through a peaceful Human Chain at Shahbagh, in front of National Musium, Dhaka, where various likeminded NGOs, CSOs, Dhaka Campaign Group, Budget Alliance Group, Green Voice & Students Forum joined and expressed solidarity with the popular demands for ensuring health rights for all. On the other hand SUPRO district committee also organized rally, human chain and different type of programs in 45 districts to observe the day.

Health is our right: Ensure the accessibility and rights of essential services specially health for the citizens by enhancing the capacity of government health institutions in assurance of essential drugs. Highlighting the theme of the Day all speakers came into the point that  in the FY 2013-14 health budget is 4.3 % only of the  total national budget which is 0.8% of GDP. Besides, according to World Health Organization, the health budget should be 5% - 6 % of GDP of any country.

 They also expressed that there has no equal distribution of health budget and no decentralized budget over the country. The grass root peoples are deprived from their health rights at the rural areas where there has no presence of private clinic. Around a thousand of peoples were presented at that program and enjoyed the cultural program and street drama.

img 2img 3According to speakers in the rural level hospitals there has no availability of essential drugs and medical equipments. The rural area patients do not get the health services and proper hospital facilities at their locality. A vast distance created between urban health service and rural health service Government has still no initiative to minimize this distance. At the human chain, all speakers emphasized for coordinated cooperative role of GO/NGO, private sector to ensure equal health rights & equal health opportunities for all.

Celebrating World Health Day, SUPRO demands for:

  • Ensure health service accessibility for pro poor people of the society Health budget should be increased in upcoming national budgets.
  • Stop the privatization and commercialization of the health sector as a whole.
  • Government will have to minimize the staff unavailability at government hospitals   throughout the country.
  • Increase number of staffs at government hospitals and ensure the quality services a government hospitals both rural and urban area.
  • Ensure the medical equipments and essential medicines at governmen hospitals.
  • Government should ensure the regional decentralized health budget next.
  • Government will take initiatives about the quality of medicine.
  • Stop Privatization and commercialization of essential services like  health education,  water, and energy.
  • Stop the input of less qualified medicines from outside and give  more attention towards buying inland medicines.
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