Sushasoner Jonno Procharavizan-SUPRO forms a human chain and street drama show in front of National Museum, Dhaka on October 16, 2012, Tuesday on the occasion of World Food Day, demanding steps to promote cooperatives for development in the agricultural sector to ensure safe food for all.  SUPRO observed the day at grassroots with a view to inspire and mobilize people to ensure safe food for the people, who are lagging behind in the society.

The grassroots people, they pay tax to government. The Bangladesh Constitution recognizes citizens’ right to food in state policy. Article 15 (a) of the constitution stipulates the fundamental responsibility of the state to securing to the citizens the provision of the basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care. Government should ensure safe food for poor and poorest of the poor of Bangladesh.

SUPRO organized Discussion meeting, Rally, Human chain, Cultural programs at 45 districts and Dhaka to observe the day. SUPRO also observed Rural Women day on 15th October and International poverty day on 17th October 2012 in Dhaka & 45 districts as part of Global Week of Action observation.
Thousands of SUPRO activists made demand to recognize the right to food as a fundamental human right. SUPRO always like to see a unified Social Safety Net program from a rights-based approach. We should consider emerging challenges affecting food security like climate change, urbanization, price volatility and financial market instability in designing and implementing food security initiatives. We must adopt a comprehensive agrarian and land reform program and ensure coherence with all agriculture and food security related policy instruments. SUPRO always demands more budget allocation especially in Agriculture, Health and Education Sector.  

SUPRO inspires victims of adulterators too to take the initiative in against of food adulterators. The citizens and victims also should have moral obligation to protest against adulterators in the society. Let’s ensure government role and inspire people for ensuring safe food for all in Bangladesh.


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