SUPRO exclaimed to Government during observing International Right to Know Day 2011

Speakers stated their opinion at the human chain access to information, right to know, freedom of press and freedom of speech are the hallmark of an undiluted democracy. Media’s freedom, democracy and good governance are as inseparable as the human rights. The right to information is the key to all other rights.
As a Bangladeshi citizen and also our society, continually we face various problems like lack of governance, lack of transparency, corruption; violation of human rights, democracy and its practices. Economically 40% people cannot get minimum calories, education facilities, health and nutrition supports and ultimately they are in the group of hardcore poor. The main causes of our development are barrier of access to information and freedom of express.

The president signed the act as a law on April 05, 2009 and a gazette notification to that effect was published on April 06, 2009 for ensuring transparency and accountability in all public, autonomous and statutory organizations and in private organizations run on government or foreign funding shall increase, corruption shall decrease and good governance shall be established. It is expedient and necessary to make provisions for ensuring transparency and accountability. If we can ensure to proper implementation of Right to Information law then the scenario should be changed.The grassroots people, whose need information to develop their socio-economic condition those are also not aware about RTI law even most of the grassroots people don’t know that state. produces RTI law to ensure their information rights. SUPRO organized a National Level Human Chain to observe International Right to Know Day 2011 on September 28, 2011 at 11:00 am where SUPRO with its central Campaign Groups and others like minded organizations attended. Near about 100 activists attended and made solidarity with the human chain. Speakers exclaimed to the Government during observing International Right to Know Day 2011 to implement RTI Act-2009 appropriately.
Representatives from SUPRO secretariat, SUPRO Campaign Groups with many others like minded organizations also made their solidarity at the Chain. Kazi Safiqur Rahman, Md Shariful Islam and Md. Shahadot Hossain from SUPRO secretariat, Unnoti Rani, Maruf Hossain and Mofidul Islam from Dhaka Campaign Group delivered their speeches at the Chain. The day also observed in 20 districts of Article 19 at the same time in the country through human chain and rally.

The demands came from the Chain are as follows: