Sushasoner Jonny Pracharavizaan-SUPRO organized a Human Chain on 24th November, 2010 at 11 AM in front of National Museum, Sahbag, Dhaka on the eve of UNFCCC of COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico. Speakers of the human chain highlighted the impacts of climate change especially its adverse effects on the lives and livelihood of the people in Bangladesh demanding immidiate reparation of climate debt from the industrially developed countries.

Speakers demanded strongly to the industrially developed countries to reduce 45% greenhouse emissions by 2020 as well as to provide 1.5% of their GDP to climate fund. They demanded vigurously for special priority for Bangladesh in aloting of climate fund. They also strongly urged not to use climate crisis as a tool of profit or bussiness. In addition they claimed 0.7% GNI of rich countries as development assistnance.

Mr. Abdul Awal, Chairperson of SUPRO, Mohammad Shahid Ullah, Deputy Director od SUPRO and S M Hirok of Green Voice from Dhaka University based youth organisation took part in the discussion of the human chain. Members from Dhaka Campaign Group participated and expressed solidarity with the Human Chain. SUPRO staff members and members of various professions and sections of society alongwith representatives from like-minded organisations were also present in the human chain. Besides these, at the end live cultural functions also organized by the cultural team Banglar Mukh of Dhaka University.

The demands raised in the humanchain are as follows:

  • Reduce 45% greenhouse emissions by 2020.
  • Rich and industrially developed country must provide 1.5% of their GDP to climate fund alongwith 0.7% GNI of developed countries as development assistance.
  • Stop unjust interference of world bank and other financial institutes in the management of climate fund.
  • Rich and developed countries should cancell all kinds of debts from Bangladesh without any conditions.
  • Stop using climate crisis as a tool of profit or business


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