Stop Interference of World Bank in Climate Fund and Five-Year Planning of Bangladesh; Demand for reparation from WB, IMF and ADB for the losses of our Water and Natural Resources caused by their projects
Sushasoner Jonny Pracharavizaan-SUPRO organized a Human Chain on 8th October, 2010 at 11 A.M. in front of National Press Club, Dhaka on the eve of Annual Meeting of IMF and World Bank on 8-9 October 2010.

The speakers of the Human Chain strongly demanded reparation from WB, IMF and ADB for excessive losses of water, forest and land resources of Bangladesh due to climate change and aid trade. They further demanded to ensure the rights of people especially to access essential services including water, power, education and health rights instead of commercialization and privatization. The government should improve their capacities to deliver these services rather than relying on the foreign agencies.

In this respect, speakers emphasized for sovereignty over development planning of the country to increase national capacities depending local resources excluding the interference and influence from foreign aid and monetary institutions. In the chain SUPRO reiterated the demands for cancellation of all foreign debts.

M. A. Quader, General Secretary of SUPRO, Uma Chowdhury, Director of SUPRO and Daisy Ahmed, National Council Member took part in the speech. Members of Dhaka Campaign Group, Green Voice, student from of Dhaka University with many others like minded organization also attended the Human Chain.

The Demands that were raised in the Human chain are as follows:

  • Stop interference of World Bank in the management of Climate fund
  • Ensure democratization of the governance process of World Bank
  • Stop interference of World bank in the development process of Bangladesh
  • Reparation for losses on Water, land and natural resources caused by the projects of IFIs.
  • Stop using loan assistance as political tool
  • Stop Privatization and commercialization of essential services like education, health, water, and energy
  • Stop privatization policy of essential services imposed by World Bank, IMF And ADB
  • Establish government institutions and build capacities of the existing institutions for proper Utilization of renewable mineral resources
  • Elimination of privatization policies of WB, IMF and ADB to solve the water and energy crisis and establish people’s rights over the natural resources.


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