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img 1SUPRO organized its National Pre- Budget Discussion Meeting 2015 on 31st march 2015 at the daily star building. SUPRO prepared the recommendations after organizing pre-budget discussions in 45 districts across the country, to provide input to the next budget to be announced in June this year. Mr. Alison Subrata Baroi moderated the Discussion while Ms. Shamima Akhter Moonmoon gave welcome speech.  Mr. Mir Shawkat Ali Badshah MP & Vice Chairman, Parliamentary Caucus on National Planning and Budget;  Mr. Fazle Hosen Badshah MP & Vice Chairman, Parliamentary Caucus on National Planning and Budget and Begum Selina Begum MP, Member, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Ministry of Health & Family Planning were the  respected special guests. Except this Mr. Chandan Z. Gomes, Advocacy Director of World Vision Bangladesh and SUPRO National Council Member Ms. Sharifa Khatun, Mr. Lalit C. Chakma and Mr. M.A. Salam were the valued discussant.

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img 1Budget Alliance Group (Budget Bisoyok Nagorik Morcha), a forum with representation of 27 development and rights organizations organized a press conference on 24 March 2015 at Conference Hall of Dhaka Reporters’ Unity. They pointed out following demands. Most of the organizations in the alliance have been advocating to prioritize poor and marginalized people’s especially farmers, laborers, indigenous people, physically and mentally challenged, dalits and women’s demand in the national budget process.

Sushasoner Jonny Procharavizan-SUPRO as a pioneer organization in budget campaign and advocacy engaging mass people, civil society members, different professional bodies, local government elected representatives, district and national policy makers, is facilitating and actively participating as a member organization in Budget Bisoyok Nagorik Morcha.

On behalf of Budget Alliance Group, Director of SUPRO Alison Subrata Baroi moderated the press conference while Subol Sarkar, General Secretary  of Bangladesh Bhumihin Shamiti chaired the conference. Newly elected Treasurer of SUPRO Madhab C Dutta deliver his welcome speech. Another member

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img 1Sushashoner Jonny Procharavizan (SUPRO), presented separate draft social audit reports on government primary education and government health service at two meetings held at The Daily Star Centre on 5 March 2015. .
According to health experts, the manpower structure is still being followed in the health sector, said the report which included suggestions of increasing the number of nurses and doctors, developing as well as introducing new infrastructures, and ensuring sufficient supply of equipment and other medical commodities, the draft on health service mentioned.

The organization prepared the drafts on the basis of their surveys conducted in a total of 24 districts.
M Abu Yousuf, professor of Dhaka University's development studies department, said locality-based medicine supply and distribution should be raised and more maternity services should be conducted at community clinics. About education sector, the report suggested close monitoring of school management committee members and book distribution process, and ensuring proper education in schools and thereby narrowing the scope of coaching centers.

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