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Progressive Tax Reform is Essential for Accelerating SGDs Implementation& Ensure Tax Justice

Bangladesh as an emerging developing country is committed to augmenting revenue and achieving fiscal discipline with a view to increasing self- reliance. The Government has recently taken some administrative policy reform in the tax administration but it is not sufficient for pro-poor and sound tax policy system. A tax system must be economically efficient, inflicting as little damage as possible on the economy. But there are huge challenges in regard to achieve progressive tax system and ensure tax justice.

Considering these perspective SUPRO showed interest to work on a sound tax system to minimize minimum losses of the country and logically economic improvement of Pro-poor and Progressive Tax System in Bangladesh with their campaign network partners so that the agenda can bring positive changes for poor people and redressing regressive pressure of VAT. SUPROs Tax Justice campaign also very much adhere to achieve the relevant target of government Fifth Five Year Plan and SDGs agendas.

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img 1On 15 May 2017 a project briefing event was organized in SUPRO Secretariat to disseminate the campaign focus and expected outcome of the project within the members of National Committee of SUPRO.The project was briefly narrated in the event. All the project activities and implementation strategy was shared in the meeting. Oxfam representatives, district campaigners under SUPRO district council members, national council members, SUPRO Secretariat staffs were participated in the project briefing meeting. Total participants were 24, among them 6 female and 18 male. The event was chaired by Mr. S.M. Harun Or Rashid Lal, SUPRO Chairperson. The inaugural speech was delivered by M A Quader, General Secretary of SUPRO. An action plan was developed through the opinion of the participants

img 1The proposed budget result will be reflected properly through ensuring institutional capacity, commitment & accountability

SUPRO has organized a post budget analysis Press Conference in Dhaka Reporters Unity Conference Room on 11th June 2016, Saturday where SUPRO Chairperson Ahmed Swapan Mahmud was in chair and moderated the session and SUPRO National Council member Manju Rani Pramanik read the key note paper.
In the press conference the speakers said, budget is very innovative as per the demand and needs of of the people, but it would be very difficult to implement the budget properly. During the previous times, we have seen, development budget has not implemented properly in all time. SUPRO is wanting to innovate these areas of implemenetiona mechanism so that the proposed budget will have to be implemnted properly and effectively. The target of GDP 8% has an uphill task but we are hopeful, if the implementing authorities and institutions can do their job properly then it will may have some positive effect during budget implementation phases.

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