img 1Thousands of migrant people are now in danger in the ocean and staying in the penal camps with brutal, unsafe and danger condition. Many of them facing serious threats of their lives and livelihood killed themselves and committing suicide in the ocean. Most of the ill-fated people are from Bangladesh and Myanmar. We sadly noticed that Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar did not show any urgent response to rescue them and provide shelter them. They ignored even the call for help by the international community including United Nations. Now thousands of people are floating upon the ocean and nobody is there to save them to serve any humanitarian assistance.

It is important to take strong measure to stop human trafficking but it is much more important to address humiliation and mass killing of these migrant people including women and children as it is a question of violation of right to life. Recently 139 mass graves were found in Thailand and Myanmar which is a brutal crime against humanity. Numerous penal camps were indentified where people are treated inhumanly in a form of slavery which is the clear violation of International Human Rights Charter, CEDAW, Child Right Charter etc. Are they Bangali or Rohingyas, mere a question? The most important thing is they are human, thus never be treated as a slave. SUPRO strongly condemns for all forms of violation of human rights.

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img 1Sushahsoner Jonno Procharavizan (SUPRO) & World Vision Bangladesh has jointly organized a lobby meeting with Parliamentary Caucus on 9th May 2015 at Oath Room, National Parliament. They argued for increasing the budgetary allocation for Education sector, Social Safety Net, Agriculture and particularly in health sector to improve the quality of healthcare and child healthcare services for people living in rural and remote char areas.

Former deputy speaker and chairman of parliamentary caucus on national planning and budget affairs Colonel ( Rtd) Shawl-tat Ali chaired the program where State Minister for Finance and Planning M A Mannan was present as chief guest and General Secretary of Parliamentary Caucus MP Nazmul Haq Pradhan moderated the program. Representatives of NGOs, CSOs, Govt., Media and SUPRO National Council members were also present there. Chandan Z. Gomes, Advocacy Director of World Vision Bangladesh made his welcome speech at the beginning of the function. Campaign Cooerdinator of SUPRO Ms. Shakera Nahar presented the Position Paper. Dr. M. Abu Eusuf, professor of Development Studies at Dhaka University, presented a keynote paper on “Analysis and recommendation: National Health Budget" Dr. M. Abu Eusuf said the size of the health budget was 8.55 percent of the total budget in 2005-06 fiscal which came down to 4.4 percent in 2014-15 fiscal year.

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img 1SUPRO organized its National Pre- Budget Discussion Meeting 2015 on 31st march 2015 at the daily star building. SUPRO prepared the recommendations after organizing pre-budget discussions in 45 districts across the country, to provide input to the next budget to be announced in June this year. Mr. Alison Subrata Baroi moderated the Discussion while Ms. Shamima Akhter Moonmoon gave welcome speech.  Mr. Mir Shawkat Ali Badshah MP & Vice Chairman, Parliamentary Caucus on National Planning and Budget;  Mr. Fazle Hosen Badshah MP & Vice Chairman, Parliamentary Caucus on National Planning and Budget and Begum Selina Begum MP, Member, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Ministry of Health & Family Planning were the  respected special guests. Except this Mr. Chandan Z. Gomes, Advocacy Director of World Vision Bangladesh and SUPRO National Council Member Ms. Sharifa Khatun, Mr. Lalit C. Chakma and Mr. M.A. Salam were the valued discussant.

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