Campaigning and Advocating for the Achievement of the MDGs in Bangladesh

SUPRO, a national network of grassroots organizations in Bangladesh has undertaken a project on campaigning and advocating for the attainment of the MDGs in Bangladesh. The objectives of the project are to mobilize grass root people on MDGs obligation of Bangladesh and bring the grass roots’ voices to the Policy makers of national level, thereby advocating with the policy makers to influence them in taking effective measures on MDG implementation. The said project is funded by UN Millennium Campaign.

In order to run a successful campaign, it has chalked out a series of coordinated activities which are as follows:

    Develop a shadow report on MDGs (based on 6 geographical locations especially Haor, Monga, CHT, Coastal, Char and Main land areas);
    Printing, publication & dissemination of the shadow report;
    District level consultations on shadow report;
    National consultation on shadow report(based on  feedback/ recommendations of districts level consultations);
    Training for district campaigners on budget monitoring strategy;
    Budget monitoring on education ( specific to girls’ students in primary and secondary level);
    District level consultations on the findings of budget monitoring report;
    National level consultation (upon recommendations of budget monitoring for implementation) ;
    Mobilization at district level in line with Stand Up and Take Action against Poverty;
    Mobilization at national level in line with Stand Up and Take Action against Poverty
    Posters and leaflets publications for mobilization on Stand Up and Take Action against Poverty; and
    Orientation workshop on campaign planning at national level with district campaigners.

Project Implementation Area:
Apart from different national level campaign events, the project activities mainly will be carried out in 12 districts with the direct involvement of district level partner organizations. Such 12 districts have been selected on the basis 6 Geographical divisions such as, Haor, Monga, CHT, Coastal, char and main land areas.

Name of the partner organizations:

    Shoroni(Manob Unnoyon Songstha),Tangail
    ISOL, Jamalpur
    Shabolombi Unnoyan Samity(SUS),Netrakona
    SDO, Shariotpur
    We, Jhenaidah
    SAS, Rangamati
    Pabna Progoti Songstha(PPS),Pabna
    Pave, Bogura
    Jago Nari,Borguna
    Manob Kollyan Porishod,Thakurgaon
    Shodesh, Satkhira
    Royal Bengal Foundation,Pirojpur

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